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Metal foil calender

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Alias: metal foil calender, copper calender, aluminum calender, gold calender, silver calender
Uses: This equipment is our patented product design, production efficiency, high precision, stable performance, limited to gold foil, silver foil, copper foil, aluminum foil and other thin sheet precision rolling, the device can be used alone, but also with other equipment Linked use

1. Fine design, small footprint, energy saving
2. Precision parts through quality control of layers to meet the technical acceptance criteria
3. Integrated base and enclosed rack, high strength, strong stability
4. Roller by multi-channel special processing technology, high precision, to meet the product precision rolling
5. High-quality pressure control system to provide accurate product rolling force, to ensure product quality
6. Ten years of equipment R & D experience, independent research and development of high-precision bearings clearance elimination device, to ensure product accuracy under various production conditions Continuous production more stable
7.PLC programmable control system + touch man-machine interface, operation and commissioning easier.
8. Professional and perfect after-sales service team, to provide more professional production, more efficient technical support 

Mechanical speed
0-12m / min
Roll size
φ400 * 450mm
The maximum width of raw materials
Raw material discharge diameter
Finished winding diameter
Rolling width
Equipment standby power
6.5KW / 50HZ

Optional accessories
※ roller heating system: the use of aluminum plate heating roller and roller automatic heating system, specifically for the phase change of thermal conductivity materials for preheating, and the production process of molding material heating needs.
custom made:
Our company specializes in R & D of functional new material technology and equipment research and development, providing new material manufacturers with a total solution from the laboratory to mass production. If the above configuration can not meet your needs, our company will provide you free R & D process and equipment, until you provide the overall solution for mass production.

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