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Thermal Silicone Calender Production Line

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Alias: thermal silicone calendar, thermal silicone calendar production line, thermal silica film calendar
Uses: Suitable for all kinds of liquid, semi-solid thermal silica pad, phase change thermal pad, thermal silica film, thermal silica film, thermal insulation pads, thermal insulation silicone rubber cloth and other thermal silica products calender production

The excellent design of the aircraft structure, unique molding methods and continuous efficient production process, the State Intellectual Property Office has been the whole machine patent, patent number: 201620608141.6 and patent number: 201620608135.0
※ Unwinding part: Four sets of substrate unwinding mechanism can finish unwinding and unwinding PET film at the same time, with glass fiber cloth in the middle and multi-size unwinding and other functions to meet the needs of customers.
※ Molding Portion: The unique combination of coating and calendering design can meet the requirements of different viscosity molding formulations, from watery liquid to muddy semi-solid, can be efficiently produced.
※ Vulcanization: Tunnel-type curing box with high temperature Teflon belt, stainless steel electric heating tube or far-infrared quartz heating tube variety of options, and multi-stage combination of design are to meet a variety of customer conditions of use, excellent insulation design, Meet different customer needs.
※ Cutting part: professional design of multi-function slicer, complete from the peel, fit, trimming, slicing or winding a variety of functions, greatly reducing the venue, labor and turnover brought about yield reduction.
※ Control System: The all-digital control system, no matter adjusting data such as tension, gap, speed, quantity, etc. All digital display greatly facilitates SOP standardization establishment and dependence on operator's experience.

Mechanical Manufacturing Width
0.63M / 0.75M / 0.9M / 1.25M
Mechanical speed
1-8M / Min
Winding pipe diameter
3 "
Product thickness range
 (0.2-12) mm
Thickness control accuracy
(0.2-1.0) ± 0.02mm, (1 -12) ± 0.03mm
Curing oven length
11M / 13.5M / 16M / 18.5M
Heating curing power
36KW / 45KW / 54KW / 63KW
Slice control accuracy
(100-1000) ± 0. 2mm

Optional accessories
※ Raw material mixer: It adopts double planetary power mixer to efficiently disperse and stir liquid silicone and thermal conductive powder of the raw materials such as thermal silica pad, etc., and vacuumize them.
※ Raw material feeding machine: It adopts hydraulic automatic pressure feeding machine, which effectively avoids quality defects such as air bubbles caused by manual feeding, which can save manpower and shorten loading and unloading time.
※ roller heating system: the use of aluminum plate heating roller and roller automatic heating system, specifically for the phase change of thermal conductivity materials for preheating, and the production process of molding material heating needs.
※ X-Y slicing machine: According to customer delivery size requirements, configure X-Y half / full slicer, can achieve any combination of customer X-Y semi-full / half cut, slicing minimum size: 2 * 2mm.

Custom made:
Telford to focus on functional research and development of new materials technology and equipment research and development, new material manufacturers to provide from the laboratory to mass production of the overall solution. If the above configuration can not meet your needs, our company will provide you free R & D process and equipment, until you provide the overall solution for mass production.

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