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Graphite calender

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Alias: Graphite calender, Graphite film calender, Artificial graphite calender, Synthetic graphite calender, Thermal graphite film calender.
Uses: Suitable for precision rolling of graphite film, graphite sheet, synthetic graphite, natural graphite, absorbing material, PVC / PET film material.

The machine has been patented by the State Intellectual Property Office as a whole because of its distinctive features of producing high quality products, saving electricity and saving labor etc. than the traditional calender. ※ Unwinding part: Integral discharging base, easy operation, accounting for Small space.
※ Discharge control system: the use of magnetic brake with tension controller, automatic tension control, saving labor.
※ Automatic correction system: the ultrasonic sensor with automatic correction controller to achieve automatic correction control, discharge operation is simple, to avoid material irregularities caused by poor rolling products.
※ Main drive part: The servo motor with servo reducer as calendering power transmission, roller speed control, to adapt to different thickness of the product efficient production, and ensure product quality.
※ Automatic meter control: the use of photoelectric sensors automatically meters, easy production statistics.


Mechanical manufacturing width
 0.4M / 0.6M
Mechanical speed
1-12M / Min
Winding pipe diameter
3 "
Film precision error
 ± 0.002

Optional accessories

Automatic robotic film loading device: The automatic robotic film take-up device is adopted by the biaxial manipulator to ensure the precise spacing of the film and effectively avoid the error caused by the manual operation of the artificial film, which greatly improves the efficiency of film-laying.

Custom made:
Our company specializes in R & D of functional new material technology and equipment research and development, providing new material manufacturers with a total solution from the laboratory to mass production. If the above configuration can not meet your needs, our company will provide you free R & D process and equipment, until you provide the overall solution for mass production.

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