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Graphite thermal pad calender machine

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Graphene thermal pad calender, this calendering machine is a customiezd equipment, Equipment and accessories are customized according to customer's process validation and specific requirements , not only high efficiency, and its accuracy is reached plus or minus 1 micron, graphene Thermal Pad Calender is suitable for precision calendering of graphene thermal pad, according to different materials it can also be called graphene insulated thermal pad calender.

1. Rigorous design, small footprint, energy saving
2. All mechanical precision components, electrical components through quality inspection control, fully meet the technical acceptance criteria
3. Integrated base and cast steel frame, the equipment has high strength, rigidity and stability
4. Brand inverter motor control the roller speed alone, to achieve multi-roller multi-speed control to meet the diverse production process regulation
5. Roller through many special processing and heat treatment, optimization of hot runner design, to ensure the accuracy and heating roller efficiency
6.Volume frequency motor + precision screw + imported precision digital grating, you can effectively control the roller precision adjustment, real-time display roller
7.Programmable control system + touch screen man-machine interface, parameter setting, portable operation, user-friendly design
8. Professional and perfect after-sales service team to provide customers with more professional, more efficient technical support, service response time within 24 hours

Mechanical speed
0-10m / min
Roll Specifications
φ320 * 550mm
The maximum width of raw materials
Raw material discharge diameter
Rewinding diameter
Rolling width
Equipment standby power
 11KW / 50HZ

As the paremeter showing above, not only the calendering machine, but also the following curing tunnel owen,slitting machine, rewinding device, we can make a one-stop supply for you. 

Nowadays, Flexible graphite trends includes,multilayer and monolayer graphite.Both of them are Ultra-Soft high thermally conductive. Soft graphite is a group of high-performance thermally conductive interface pads. This new type offers outstanding thermal conductivity and extremely low thermal resistance under minimal force. It offers wonderful compression, filling small air gaps on uneven surfaces, ensuring an efficient and consistent transfer of heat. These termally conductive interface pad with high performance usually applied to communication, smart Phone. Its thickness need to be controlled at precision tolerance. Our graphite calender machine, which has many patents and simple operation, easily meet your products processing expectations.

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