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Open mill machine

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The open mill is also a type of calender. Our custom mill has high precision and is suitable for mixing with solid composite materials such as silica gel, rubber and fluorine rubber. It can also be used in conjunction with other equipment.

1. The machine adopts carbon steel plate, channel base, the overall model, easy to operate, small footprint.
2. High hardness roller material, can be long-term use.
3. The machine adopts manual adjustment, easy to operate.
4. Humanity A full range of safety devices, four corners with emergency switch, the emergency can ensure that the machine quickly stop and reverse.
5. Transmission structure is compact, transmission torque, low noise.
6. Swivel joints can be used to access the cold water / heating oil, to help maintain the precise working temperature of the roller, to ensure product quality and efficiency.

Mixing capacity
25-40KG (depending on the raw material)
Roller size
φ300 * 800 mm (roller size can be customized)
Temperature control mode
water cooling / oil heating
Operating speed
0-15m / min
Speed ratio
1: 1.22
Roller material
alloy cast steel roller
Roller hardness
Roller treatment
Mirror polishing without plating
Roller adjustable spacing
0 ~ 15mm
PowerSafety device
3∮, AC380V
Motor power
15KW 4P
Safety device
roller with emergency stop device

※ Raw material feeding machine: It adopts hydraulic automatic pressure feeding machine, which effectively avoids quality defects such as air bubbles caused by manual feeding, which can save manpower and shorten loading and unloading time.

※ roller heating system: the use of aluminum plate heating roller and roller automatic heating system, specifically for the phase change of thermal conductivity materials for preheating, and the production process of molding material heating needs.

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