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Lithium battery coating machine

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Alias: lithium battery coating machine, lithium battery separator coating machine, lithium battery pole piece coating machine
Uses: Suitable for lithium, lithium battery separator, lithium battery pole pieces, graphene, hydrogel, liquid silicone and other precision coating.
This machine is introduced at home and abroad with advanced coating technology combined with its own production of high-precision coating for many years from the synthesis of innovative knife transfer coating technology
※ Feeding part: a stable slurry, feeding and control system, but also conducive to high-precision continuous production
※ Heating part: hot air circulation system, the solvent will be discharged early, exhaust does not participate in the second cycle, to ensure safety
※ Vulcanization: Tunnel-type curing box with high temperature Teflon belt, stainless steel electric heating tube or far-infrared quartz heating tube variety of options, and multi-stage combination of design are to meet a variety of customer conditions of use, excellent insulation design, Meet different customer needs.
※ Cutting part: professional design of multi-function slicer, complete from the peel, fit, trimming, slicing or winding a variety of functions, greatly reducing the venue, labor and turnover brought about yield reduction.
※ Control System: The all-digital control system, no matter adjusting data such as tension, gap, speed, quantity, etc. All digital display greatly facilitates SOP standardization establishment and dependence on operator's experience.

Mechanical manufacturing width
0.63M / 0.8M / 1M / 1.3M
Mechanical speed
1-150M / Min
Winding pipe diameter
3 "
Total installed capacity
32KW / 34KW / 36KW / 40KW

Optional accessories
※ X-Y slicing machine: According to customer delivery size requirements, configure X-Y half / full slicer, customers can achieve any combination of size X-Y half / full cut, the smallest slice size: 2 * 2mm.

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