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Whether the graphene battery can solve the shortcomings of the mobile device battery

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   Today, the rapid development of information technology, the popularity of the mobile Internet, mobile electronic devices has become an integral part of our lives, but mobile devices have always been troubled by a myriad of problems, that is, the battery, battery life, charging Time is slow, it is learned that there have been developed countries to graphene as a super-medium battery, or call it a super capacitor, not only the capacity is very large, but charging time only takes a few seconds, and the service life is still very long, if The popularity of the mobile device industry, it will completely solve this problem that has troubled us for many years.
    The reason why this super-battery has so excellent performance is mainly because it uses a multilayer graphene structure - which can bring a larger surface area, which lock more energy. At the same time, due to the characteristics of graphene itself, this battery charge and discharge capacity does not decline with the increase in the number of use, and this is why the high life expectancy.
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