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Graphene coated products anti-corrosion effect more durable

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    Super anti-corrosion coating has always been the short board of our anti-corrosion materials, domestic aerospace, marine, high-speed rail are mostly used in anti-corrosion materials from imports, and with the birth of graphene materials, is expected to change this situation.
All countries and enterprises are paying close attention to the new graphene materials. China has become the most developed and applied graphene country. According to statistics, there are 24,942 applications for graphene technology patents in China, accounting for 49.4% of the global applications, ranking the first in the world.

    Graphene used in coatings, regardless of its hardness, corrosion resistance, the same quality anti-corrosion imported low-cost 20% lower than imported heavy duty to the big market an alternative. At present, many companies have also seen this market, has begun the gravure anti-corrosion coatings research and development, production.

    Suzhou Dofly Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. for the graphene coating properties and applications, professional development and custom graphene processing equipment: graphene coating machine, the device in terms of efficiency or accuracy are in the leading domestic level, the current graphene coating Cloth machine for graphene slurry in PET, copper foil, aluminum foil and other rolled material on the precision coating production.
As a new high-tech equipment industry custom, Division I has been committed to functional research and development of new materials technology and equipment research and development, has received a number of national patents.

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