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The application of calendering machine

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    Calendering machine is mainly used for compression of rubber compounds, textile adhesive and wipe glue, steel cord plastic paste, plastic blank pressing, film laminating and tire plies of the film and so on. It is also used for calendering various types of plastic films, artificial leather, wallpaper, sheets, sheets, floor coverings and composite sheets.
     See here may be a lot of friends or do not quite understand the specific application of calendering to what industries, the following by the East to explain to you the Secretary for our customized calendering several applications: 1, new energy 2, high-end equipment manufacturing 3 , Biotechnology 4, new materials 5, energy saving and environmental protection 6, electronic technology, specifically involving the automotive, electronics, weaving, medical, aviation, aerospace and many other fields.
     What materials can be used calender it? Here I simply introduce to you several: special metals, rubber, silicone, fluorine rubber, plastic, resin, polymer, ceramics, graphite, metal foil, etc.

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