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PTFE calender

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 Alias: PTFE calender, PTFE calender, PTFE calender.
Uses: Suitable for turning PTFE film semi-directional, oriented calendering and teflon film calendering.

※ Unwinding part: unwinding reel with digital automatic tension control, real-time adjustment control, stable and efficient production
※ Calendering part: the core roll of high-alloy steel special hot runner design, heating efficiency, more stable product quality
※ Rewinding part: Rolling scroll adopts the brand of inverter motor and digital display automatic tension control, with the new winding machine, improve product quality and market ※ Control System: Independent isolated control box, full digital control system, regardless of tension , Clearance, speed, quantity and other regulatory data, all digital display, which greatly facilitates the SOP standardized establishment and dependence on the operator's experience.

Mechanical manufacturing width
 0.3M / 0.45M / 1.0M
Mechanical speed
1-15M / Min
Coiler die inner diameter
3 "
Product thickness range
 (0.015-0.05) mm
Thickness control accuracy
(0.015-0.05) ± 0.02mm
Roll heating power
27KW / 45KW

Optional accessories
※ optical online gage: online monitoring system can help operators keep abreast of product quality,
※ precision slitting machine: PTFE film oriented for the production of fluoride Lun, precision slitting machine minimum cutting width 2.0mm.

Custom made:

Our company specializes in R & D of functional new material technology and equipment research and development, providing new material manufacturers with a total solution from the laboratory to mass production. If the above configuration can not meet your needs, our company will provide you free R & D process and equipment, until you provide the overall solution for mass production.

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