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PTFE Membrane Calendering Machine

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PTFE Wire Calendering Machine, PTFE Membrane Calendering Machine , PTFE Nanometer calender machine.


Suitable for turning PTFE( Polytetrafluoroethylene ) film semi-directional, oriented calendering and teflon film calendering.


Unwinding part: unwinding reel with digital automatic tension control, real-time adjustment control, stable and efficient production
Calendering part: the core roll of high-alloy steel special hot runner design, heating efficiency, more stable product quality
Rewinding part: Rolling scroll adopts the brand of inverter motor and digital display automatic tension control, with the new winding machine, improve product quality and market ※ Control System: Independent isolated control box, full digital control system, regardless of tension , Clearance, speed, quantity and other regulatory data, all digital display, which greatly facilitates the SOP standardized establishment and dependence on the operator's experience.

Product working width
 300mm / 450mm / 1000mm / 1300mm
Roller working speed
1-15M / Min
Coiler die inner diameter
3 "
Product thickness range
 (0.015-0.05) mm
Tolerance of thickness accuracy
(0.015-0.05) ± 0.002mm
Roll heating power
27KW / 45KW

Optional Accessories

※ optical online gage: online monitoring system can help operators keep abreast of product quality,
※ precision slitting machine: PTFE film oriented for the production of fluoride Lun, precision slitting machine minimum cutting width 2.0mm.

Custom Made

Our company specializes in R & D of functional new material technology and equipment research and development, providing new material manufacturers with a total solution from the laboratory to mass production.

If the above configuration can not meet your needs, our company will provide you free R & D process and equipment, until you provide the overall solution for mass production.

What is the PTFE?

PTFE is polytetrafluoroethylene, which is a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene that has numerous applications. such as PTFE tape, PTFE Membrane, Wire and ect. The material has stable chemical characteristics,  white waxy, translucent, excellent heat resistance and cold resistance, can be used for a long time at -180~260oC. also have high temperature resistance, its friction coefficient is extremely low.

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