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Thermal insulation film coating machine

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Alias: thermal insulation film coating machine, dip coating machine, coating machine manufacturers
For thermal insulation sheet (glass fiber cloth or PI double-sided coating thermal insulation paste) and other products of precision coating.

※ Unwinding corrective part: by the inflation shaft support roll, quick replacement, uniform tension, centering accurate. The use of ultrasonic sensors with automatic correction controller to achieve automatic correction control, discharge operation is simple, to avoid material irregularities caused by poor product quality.
※ Release tension control: magnetic brake with tension controller, automatic tension control, saving labor.
※ Coating Control: A unique immersion coating mechanism, to achieve double-sided coating of glass fiber cloth or PI film substrate, the pneumatic rapid roll-shift mechanism with the roll servo control system, precise control of coating thickness.
※ Synchronous speed control: VVVF speed control technology, both accurate control of tension and ensure that all parts of the machine running simultaneously.
※ Heating and drying part: horizontal suspension oven and vertical oven optional, suitable for customer plant requirements and operating habits. Depending on the type of solvent customers can choose heating tube, far infrared and other heating methods, effectively enhance the heating efficiency. Oven length can be configured according to customer capacity a variety of configurations, the maximum possible increase customer input-output ratio. High-quality thermal insulation design, saving customers a lot of energy.
* Laminated composite body: E.P.C before installation of automatic correction system, the second unwinding automatic correction system to ensure that the fitting process is accurate. Professional fitting body design, to ensure smooth fit without defects.
※ Receiving material tension control: Adopting frequency conversion motor to track the calendering speed automatically, no matter the acceleration and deceleration are always synchronized with the main machine, the magnetic powder clutch cooperates with the tension controller to realize automatic tension control and save labor.
※ Automatic meter control: The rotary encoder automatic meter device or photoelectric switch accurate counting, easy statistics of the production quantity.

Machine width
0.55M / 0.75M / 1.25M / 1.45M
Mechanical speed
1-25M / Min
Winding pipe diameter
3 "
Coating thickness range
(0.02-0.2) mm
Thickness control accuracy
 (0.02-0.2) ± 0.003mm
Drying oven length
12M / 16M / 20M / 24M
Heating and drying power
48KW / 64KW / 80KW / 96KW

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