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Which areas will use thermal silica film manufactured by calender

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Today, Telford for everyone to tell you about silicone calender processed thermal silica films are mainly applied to what areas, I believe this is a lot of customers are concerned about the problem, the current Division I produced thermal silica calender in quality and precision We have been far more than similar brands on the market, we have been working hard to provide customers with more excellent processing equipment, and we are constantly exploring the equipment our products can be applied to which industries.


Thermal silica film is a high-performance gap-filled thermal conductivity material, mainly used for electronic devices and heat sinks or the transmission interface between the product shell. Thermal silica film has good viscosity, flexibility, good compression properties and excellent thermal conductivity. So that it can completely use the air between the electronic components and the heat sink to reach full contact. Cooling effect is significantly increased. At the same time has a certain viscosity, compared to ordinary insulation materials in the product installation process brings great convenience, easy to fall off, easy to operate.

Applicable Products:
Communication Equipment / Computer / Switching Power Supply / Flat Panel TV / Mobile Equipment / Video Equipment / Network Products / Home Appliances / PC Servers / Workstations / Optical Drives / COMBO /
From the above information is easy to see that the thermal silica calender produced by the silica film its scope of application is very widespread, generally concentrated in the electronics industry, the amount is quite large, the future development prospects are very optimistic, and not only a good thermal silica calender not only To ensure the accuracy of the product, but also improve production efficiency and save costs.

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