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What factors will affect the price of PTFE calenders

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   PTFE is also called PTFE, due to its low loss, abrasion resistance, anti-aging, dielectric constant, thermal stability and a certain degree of flexibility, PTFE porous design allows loss and distortion to a minimum, It is also a good filler material and is widely used in many challenging fields such as computers, telecommunications, aerospace and defense.
    With the PTFE high-end applications more widely, many manufacturers have begun to consider the PTFE processing, and PTFE calendering machine, as the production of PTFE film, film, an indispensable coil equipment, and its price has been prepared Concerned, today Dongfu to everyone for a brief introduction, what are the factors that affect the price of equipment!
First: You want to produce PTFE finished product width, the greater the width of the device and the overall roller will be bigger, no doubt this is a price impact a more important factor;
Second: your accuracy requirements, high precision will certainly require high precision parts and components, but also affect the price of a more important factor;
Third: your additional requirements, calender is a stand-alone equipment, he also has many auxiliary devices such as: retractable volume, deviation correction device, rewinding device, slitting device, slicing device, according to your process needs Optional custom, the more features you need, the more expensive the price. There are other factors such as the market we do not talk much about here.
    As an industry-leading customizer of new material calendering equipment, Telford custom-made calendering equipment is not only powerful, but also stable and highly accurate, and has helped a large number of new material manufacturers to move from laboratory to mass production. We provide It's not just a device, but a holistic solution from the lab to mass production. If you have new materials that require calenders, coaters, etc., if you have a problem with production, Our company to get in touch.

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