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silica gel calender

Professional custom all kinds of new materials precision calender

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Suzhou Dong Fulai Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on research and development of functional new material technology and equipment research and development, providing new material manufacturers with a total solution from the laboratory to mass production. Greatly shortening the lead-time for the production of new materials and increasing the market competitiveness of new material application product manufacturers in the fields of electronics, communications, new energy, (new energy) vehicles, military industry, aviation, aerospace and medical industries.
      Division I based on customer requirements, providing all kinds of new materials from the laboratory to mass production of the entire process and customized equipment. The types of new materials involved are: 1, metal foil materials. 2, special metal materials. 3, advanced polymer materials. 4, a new inorganic non-metallic materials. 5, high-performance composite materials. 6, cutting-edge new materials.
Our main R & D equipment includes: various types of precision rolling machine, precision coating machine, slitting machine, slitting machine, winding machine and other equipment.

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