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A number of military, aerospace, scientific research, medical, laboratory institutions designated equipment suppliers

  • Calender machine
  • Coating machine
  • Slitting machine
  • Auxiliary machine
  • Ceramic Membrane Calendering Machine
    Ceramic Membrane Calen

    Ceramic membrane calendering machine, high-precision ceramic c

  • Graphite thermal pad calender machine
    Graphite thermal pad c

    Graphene thermal pad calendering machine according to customer

  • Graphite calender
    Graphite calender

    Graphite rolling machine, also known as graphite film calender

  • Silicone calender
    Silicone calender

    Silicone calender, also known as silicone rubber calender, sol

  • PTFE Membrane Calendering Machine
    PTFE Membrane Calender

    PTFE Calender machine also known as: PTFE Wire calender machin

  • Absorber material calender
    Absorber material cale

    Absorber calendering machine is suitable for NFC ferrite piece

  • Scar paste calender production line
    Scar paste calender pr

    The device alias: scar paste rolling line, scar paste coating

  • Metal foil calender
    Metal foil calender

    The equipment is our patented product design, production effic

  • Airgel insulation film coating machine
    Airgel insulation film

    Airgel insulation film coating machine referred to as airgel c

  • Thermal insulation film coating machine
    Thermal insulation fil

    Thermal insulation film coating machine - dip coating machine,

  • Graphene coating machine
    Graphene coating machi

    Graphene coating machine, graphene film coating machine, suita

  • Medical coating machine
    Medical coating machin

    Medical coater developed for our company, mainly for custom de

  • Lithium battery coating machine
    Lithium battery coatin

    Lithium battery coating machine, also known as: lithium batter

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ABOUT US Company Profile

Company Profile

Dofly focus on functional new materials technology R&D and equipment R&D, We provide the overall solution for the new material production enterprises from the labora......[More]

graphite calender

Our Advantage

We focus onfunctional new material technology R&D and equipment R&D.
We make the overall solution for the new material production enterprises from the labortory to mass production.

  • Professional R&D team

    Dofly has excellent R&D team, We customize the exclusive equipment follow the customer materials and process requirements .

  • Expert-level industry background

    Ten years focus on new materials and equipment research and development experience, large high-tech enterprises.

  • Free technical guidance

    We have long-term strategic cooperation with well-known authoritative professors and experts in the field of new materials.

  • Modular design of equipment

    Equipment functional structure using modular design, scalability, software and hardware can be upgraded according to demand.

Why choose us?

Customer groups include more than 1,000 well-known enterprises at home and abroad, to provide you with one-stop solution.
graphite calender

Ten years experience in R&D equipment

Ten years experience in R&D equipmentExpert-level industry background, a few years of industry experience, to provide you with a full range of advisory services.

silica gel calender

The choince of world's top 500

The choince of world's top 500Our company's customer base is located in the global new materials company, involving electronics, communications, automotive, textile, medical, new energy, aviation, aerospace and other industries.

PTFE calender

With the top domestic design team

With the top domestic design teamTeam members all from the domestic and foreign high design institutions, to meet the needs of every detail of the customer.

Graphene coating machine

Free craft verification

Free craft verificationEquipped with a variety of equipment, to provide test machine proofing, process validation, program verification.

Absorbing material calender

Equipment tailored

Equipment tailoredAccording to the material properties and process requirements to provide you with tailor-made equipment.

Lithium battery coating machine

Accurate and reasonable solution

Accurate and reasonable solutionAccording to the customer's materials, samples and ideas, designed to be accurate, efficient, meet the requirements of the solution and personalized equipment.

Lithium battery coating machine

Fully certified by CE

Fully certified by CEDofly's raw materials selection, precision machining to import parts have been rigorously tested, in order to ensure that the customer's equipment quality and production efficiency escort.

graphite calender

A lot of success cases

A lot of success casesOur company has successfully provided more than 300 well-known enterprises to optimize the integration program for enterprises in related fields to provide a comprehensive experience Technical support.

silica gel calender

Professional service team

Professional service teamHave an independent after-sales team, 365 days 24 hours real-time response, to ensure that the first time to deal with customer feedback.


ISO9001 system certification

ISO9001 system certificationOur company has a complete ISO9001 management system, has been the quality management system certification.

Graphene coating machine

Has a number of patent certificates

Has a number of patent certificatesSince our company inception, we has received a number of equipment patents, apply for about 10 new patents each year.


Technology R&D institutions

Technology R&D institutionsIn 2014, Kunshan City Science and Technology Bureau will be my company as "Kunshan City Science and Technology R&D institutions"

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